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Community - More than just a workplace

Eurest| September 2017

Collin community manager

Confidence and a good relationship between employees are, according to the Dutch employee, the most important factors for a good working atmosphere and thus benefit the operating result. Read more...

Connecting people through food

Eurest| September 2017


Eurest is convinced that by combining the proper elements we can bring about an environment where people love to be and where they can perform to the best of their ability. Read more...

#27 - Mavericks

Eurest| September 2017

Hans Gijsen - Product developer

The vegetables and fruits were nicely arranged, side by side in shiny crates. Per type, the products had the same size and colour. Read more...

Healthy lunch at Tata Steel

Eurest| August 2017

tata Steel

The company restaurants at Tata Steel in IJmuiden have been paying more attention to healthy eating and drinking since the beginning of this year. Read more...

#26 - Sharing

Eurest| July 2017

Hans Gijsen - product developer

In the old days, the homecoming was always the climax of my holidays. On such occasions, I used to look forward to a visit to the local Chinese restaurant. Read more...

#25 - Atmosphere

Eurest| June 2017

Hans, productdeveloper

I admit I have been sceptical about this kind of event, but this time I was happy and surprised! I saw many enthusiastic restaurant owners and entrepreneurs of small businesses extolling the virtues of their products with passion. Read more...

#24 - Delicious fat!

Eurest| April 2017

Hans Gijsen, productdeveloper

An amazing number of articles have recently been published about margarine. This vegetable product for bread or in the saucepan has been presented as the healthy alternative for the “much too fat” butter since many years. Read more...

#23 - Potato eaters

Eurest| March 2017

Hans Gijsen Productmanager

I grew up in a family that was not particularly known for its culinary finesse. Back then, in the twenty years I lived with my parents, my daily meal consisted of potatoes, vegetables and meat. Read more...

Eurest new caterer for Fokker

Eurest| February 2017


Eurest has been chosen to be the new caterer for aviation supplier Fokker Technologies. The catering will be provided on the basis of the Know Your Food health programme. Read more...

Eating at Work results

Eurest| February 2017

Eating at Work

In collaboration with TNS, Eurest has conducted a European study into Eating at Work among 7,900 employees in ten European countries. Watch this video for the most interesting study findings. Read more...

#22 - Soup

Eurest| January 2017

Hans productdeveloper

Soup is probably one of the oldest dishes in the world. We can read about it in the Bible, where lentil soup is mentioned in the Old Testament. Read more...

Food court Haagse Hogeschool new style

Eurest| January 2017

Haagse Hogeschool

The central restaurant of the Haagse Hogeschool (university of applied sciences of The Hague) has been given a new look & feel. The metamorphosis took place in the recent Christmas holiday. Read more...

Police Academy opts for Eurest

Eurest| January 2017

Workplace wellbeing

Eurest has been designated as caterer for the Police Academy at eight locations across the Netherlands. At these locations, the Workplace Well-Being concept is used. Read more...

#20 - Winter dip

Eurest| November 2016

Hans Gijsen productdeveloper

The days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in, so you go to work and come home in the dark. We suffer many hardships in this season. Read more...

#19 - Our daily bread

Eurest| October 2016

Hans Gijsen, productdeveloper

Nowadays, our ‘daily bread’ is a staple in our diet, playing a starring role at lunch and breakfast. It is not clear how long this will continue, however, because its star is waning. Read more...

One in Five Dutch Employees Eats at their Desk

Eurest| October 2016


21 percent of the working population in the Netherlands regularly has lunch at their desk/workplace. Just over half of all employees stop work for a lunch break, the lowest percentage of the European countries surveyed. Read more...

#18 - Breakfast

Eurest| September 2016

Hans productdeveloper

When I was still living at home and cycling to school, I used to start my day with two slices of brown bread with jam and cheese. For six long years, these two doughy offerings were intended to keep me going through the morning. Read more...

#17 - Fish

Eurest| August 2016

Hans Gijsen - productmanager

All types of fish – not just crustaceans and shellfish – are healthy. Particularly for our brains, thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids they contain. Read more...

#16 – Holiday fodder

Eurest| July 2016

Hans product developer

The holidays have started and we are all crossing the border again en masse to enjoy a couple of weeks away from it all. I’m hoping for culinary discoveries and will enjoy treating my taste buds to new sensations. Read more...

#15 - Keeping us sweet

Eurest| June 2016

Hans, Product developer

The observant television viewer will not have missed all the food documentaries being broadcast on NPO3 in the recent week. These are the food weeks and there has been a great deal of attention for the origin, production and use of food. Read more...

Students positive about caterer Eurest

Eurest| June 2016


Students of the Avans Hogeschool, De Haagse Hogeschool, Hogeschool Leiden, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Hanzehogeschool and NHTV have given a score for Eurest, the caterer at these universities. The caterer received an average score of 3.85. Read more...

#14 - Foodtrucks

Eurest| May 2016

Hans Gijsen, productmanager

In one of my previous columns, I wrote about how surprised I was by the culinary changes currently taking place in the Netherlands. Now that summer is on its way, that feeling of surprise resurfaces as I see how many food festivals are being staged Read more...

Eurest and Willem&Drees join forces

Eurest| May 2016

local farmers

Fresh from our own soil in the restaurant. Through this partnership, Eurest is responding to the growing demand for healthy and good quality products from our own soil. Read more...

#13 - Ordinary tomato

Eurest| April 2016

Hans Gijsen, productmanager Eurest Food

I asked myself: what could be better, growing tomatoes in the open field or in modern greenhouses on fibreglass on wires? Read more...

#12 – the new eating

Eurest| March 2016

What happens in society and other external influences, such as the composition of a country’s population, translates into how consumers behave. This is then reflected in consumer purchases, but most particularly in how people eat. Read more...

#10 - Multi Culi

Eurest| January 2016

Hans Gijsen, productonwikkelaar Eurest

The end of a year always involves the moment of ‘looking back’. This also includes looking back at eating and drinking behaviour during 2015. Read more...

New law makes tendering clearer

Eurest| December 2015

In the past, tendering was not always very clear. In 2012 a new Public Procurement Act came into force which should make things easier. But what does it mean in concrete terms? Read more...

#9 - No time (and food) to waste!

Eurest| November 2015

When talking about achieving a sustainable society, ‘food waste’ is becoming an increasingly important subject of discussion. Per person we throw away 50 kilos of etable food each year. Such a huge waste! What can we do about it? Read more...

#8 - Storyselling

Eurest| October 2015

Hans Gijsen

The story behind a product becomes more and more important. We call that storytelling. But when does storytelling become storyselling? Read more...

#7 - Hummus hype

Eurest| September 2015


Eight years ago, when I was exploring new bread concepts, I started experimenting with many different combinations of spread, bread and sandwich fillings. ‘What is that creamy, spicy paste you’ve put on the bread?’ they asked. Read more...

#6 - Poco local

Eurest| August 2015

Hans Gijsen

A well-known Dutch saying: exotic products are always good. However, when food is concerned, there is clearly a desire for products closer to home. But what is close enough? Read more...

#5 - Family food

Eurest| August 2015

Hans Gijsen

Heel Nederland heeft vakantie en we gaan er weer massaal op uit om een paar weken met familie in de zon door te brengen. Ik ben drie weken in het zuidelijkste puntje van Italië geweest: een mix van zee, zon, cultuur en natuurlijk veel lekker eten. Read more...

#5 - Family food

Eurest| August 2015

Hans Gijsen - column

Everyone in the Netherlands is on holiday and we are departing en masse to spend a couple of weeks with the family in the sun. I travelled to the southernmost tip of Italy for three weeks: a mix of sea, sun, culture and of course a lot of delicious food. Read more...

#4 - Vegatrend

Eurest| July 2015

Hans Gijsen Column Eurest Food

Hans Gijsen is Productmanager at Compass Group Nederland. He's a foodie at heart. Read his four-weekly column! Read more...

#3 - Culi-fatigue

Eurest| June 2015

Hans Gijsen is Productmanager at Compass Group Nederland. He's a foodie at heart. Read his four-weekly column! Read more...

Eurest renews Campus formula

Eurest| May 2015


Eurest has developed a new catering vision for Campus locations. The flexible character of the new formula enables the business caterer to adapt its concepts to the environment and target group at each location. Read more...

Eurest enables guests to eat 17% healthier

Eurest| May 2015

Healthy food

The Know Your Food programme of business caterer Eurest has helped employees make healthier lunch choices. Sales of products labelled* as ‘healthy’ have increased by over 17%, while sales of unhealthy products have declined by 3.9%. Read more...

Eurest introduces Selection product line

Eurest| May 2015

Eurest Selection

Business caterer Eurest is now offering traditional, home-made recipes in its business restaurants. The products in the Eurest Selection line were developed by Eurest’s product manager alongside various partners. Read more...

One in five employees wants a healthier lunch at work

Eurest| March 2015

Over half (58%) of Dutch employers do nothing to encourage healthy eating at the work place. Yet 36 percent of employees would like them to. Employees in the province of Zeeland are most in need of an alternative to the fried snack the croquette. Read more...

Women prefer not to lunch with the boss

Eurest| February 2015


In the Netherlands, employees prefer not to have lunch with their boss. Lunch is a time to relax, which is difficult in the presence of your boss, according to nearly 30 percent of Dutch employees. Read more...

Eurest introduces top chef’s healthier hamburger

Eurest| December 2014

Eurest has introduced the &Tomeato burger by top chef Moshik Roth (&Samhoud Places**) in selected company restaurants. With this introduction, Eurest is aiming to offer students a healthier alternative to the standard greasy snack. Read more...