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Eurest introduces the Salad Coach and encourages employees to eat healthier food - Eurest Food

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Eurest introduces the Salad Coach and encourages employees to eat healthier food

Eurest |  November 2017


Business caterer Eurest introduces the Salad Coach, a concept intended to encourage employees to make healthy choices. Guests can compose salads themselves on the basis of specific health characteristics of products. The salad bar is currently used at various locations, like the administrative centre of Rabobank in Utrecht where some 150 guests use the Salad Coach every day.

The traditional salad bar has always been a popular Eurest concept, but especially in the past few years demand for salads has steadily increased. With the Salad Coach, Eurest responds to the guest’s preference for healthier food. Hans Gijsen, product developer at Eurest: “People are increasingly aware of the effects of food on performance, and employers want to make a bigger contribution to their employees’ well-being by encouraging them to eat healthy food and practise sports. There is a trend in ‘personalised nutrition’: food tailored to what your body needs. With the Salad Coach we help employees in an inspiring and nice way to become more aware of the impact of food on well-being, without putting too much pressure on them. The choice remains with the employee.”

Sweet pepper for a healthy skin

The Salad Coach provides everything required for a high-quality meal, so it is an excellent alternative to other lunch dishes. The products are selected for their ‘medicinal’ efficacy, with a scientific basis. Examples include sweet peppers for a healthy skin, couscous for energy, and beans which stimulate digestion. A distinction is made between eight ‘treatments’, under which the products are categorised. The assortment is selected by a nutritionist and includes products not often found in a normal salad bar, like turmeric. The assortment is 100 per cent vegetarian – linseed is used as an alternative to fish for example, to ensure omega 3 is provided. Gijsen: ‘We deliberately refrain from offering animal products, because we want to do our bit for health improvement and for reducing the adverse impact on the environment. We notice that our guests don’t miss them in the salad. By providing good alternatives, we ensure that people get the proper nutrients they need.’

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