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Privacy policy

Eurest Food Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions
March 2015

The privacy and cookie statement set out below applies to every site visit or transaction. This privacy and cookie statement may be amended from time to time. Our privacy and cookie statement can be consulted on this website at any time. We use cookies to enhance the performance of Internet pages and to better gear pages to our users’ preferences. If you visit our website, you agree with these cookies.

Safety and privacy
By visiting this website and/or subscribing to the newsletter via our site, you leave your personal details with us. In this Privacy Statement, we explain why we need those details and what we do with them. If you have any questions after having read this page, please contact our service office.

What do we do with your details?
We use your details for various reasons. We use the details you have provided us with, but we also use details we have collected ourselves. They include information about analyses carried out after you have visited our website. To that end, we use the Google Analytics standard implementation.
We use the details of your IP address and cookies, for instance. We will tell you more about cookies below.

Want a cookie?
Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer while you surf the net. The information is needed for the correct performance of a website. Cookies may contain personal information. The cookies we use are safe for your PC, laptop, telephone or tablet. We use cookies to recognise you when you visit our website, but also to ensure it is functioning properly. Cookies provide us with information about the use of our website. This enables us to improve and adjust the site to the wishes of our website visitors.

Cookies ensure that:

  • you can use the website safely and without being interrupted;
  • the website is fast;
  • we can trace errors and inconveniences on the website;
  • we can test improvements;
  • you can share products via social media such as Facebook and Google.

How long do cookies remain on my computer?
Most cookies disappear when you close the browser. Some cookies remain for a couple of days or a couple of years. You can clear them via your browser whenever you want.

Clearing or disabling cookies
You can always clear or disable cookies via your browser settings. In that case, you no longer receive cookies when you visit our website. The Help section of most browsers provides more information about adjusting the cookie settings. Please note however that without cookies our website will perform less well.

Social media
If you use social media, you can use your social media accounts to log into some areas of our website. We will not have access to your social media accounts, but you will be able to share our website with your friends.

The safety of your personal details
In order to optimise the structure of the website, we collect static information about visitors, such as visitor numbers. This information can be used to put more targeted information on the site. This enables Eurest Food to continue to optimise its service provision to website visitors.
The details we collect from you are securely stored and will not be kept for any longer than is necessary for the purpose for which they are processed. If we disclose your details to parties we work with, we demand they treat your details as prudently as we do and that they can only use them for the purpose they were provided for.
Your details are not sold or hired out.

You can subscribe to our newsletter. This way, you will be updated about news, trends and other food-related subjects. To subscribe to the newsletter, you need to send us your first name, surname and e-mail address. If you have given approval to receive newsletters, you may also occasionally be approached on that e-mail address to take part in a voluntary consumer survey.
If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you can unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter.

Improving our service
We continuously aim to improve our website in order to provide an even better service. That is why we may use your details to ask you if you wish to take part in a voluntary customer or market survey. Sometimes such surveys are conducted by others on our behalf.

Your rights
You can ask us permission to consult your personal details or to ask us to improve, supplement, remove or shield your personal details if they are incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, or if you want them protected against any form of unlawful processing.

No one likes fraud, us included. That is why we use customer details to investigate, prevent and combat fraud. We will hand over customer details to the authorities if we have to.

If you wish to respond to our privacy policy or if you feel that our site or our actions are not in line with that policy, please contact us. For the aforementioned requests, questions, complaints or responses, please contact Compass Group Nederland Holding B.V., Communication Department, P.O. box 22875, 1100 DJ Amsterdam.