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During our years in hospitality we’ve amassed some expertise in food services. Our white papers fuse that insight with up-to-date research and industry opinion to create topical and authoritative analysis that informs and entertains.



One quarter of the Dutch working population is not committed to their colleagues. 14 per cent indicate they do not know some of their colleagues, and one in ten say they do not know when their colleague’s
birthday is.


Employees get most work done in the morning, because this is the time of day when productivity is highest, according to Eurest’s Eating at Work survey. In the afternoon, the post-lunch energy dip is among the aspects that throw a spanner in the works. How do employees remain as productive as possible throughout their working day? The tips are provided below.

Enterprise centres forget catering

Enterprise centres are becoming increasingly popular. A number of businesses share the building, but they do not usually have communal facilities like a restaurant or a Whitepaperreception area. Which is a shame, because by creating meeting areas, a building manager can transform a standard multi-tenant building into a fullservice hospitality environment. The main advantage: it doesn’t need to cost anything extra. Together with Rienk Baarsma, commercial development manager at G&S Vastgoed for the Atrium in Amsterdam, we list the advantages for you.

Four tips for offering cost conscious employees the quality they wantWhitepaper

There are few other European countries where employees spend as little money on food at work as the Netherlands. Only the Czechs are more economical. This was one of the
outcomes of Eurest’s Eating at Work survey. However, the cost conscious employee does like good food. The survey also shows that he chooses taste above price. So how do
you meet the needs of your cost conscious employees with your assortment? We list the tips for you.

How to get your employees together at the lunch tableWhitepaper

Most employees prefer to have lunch with colleagues. The results of Eurest’s Eating at Work survey show that 25% of Dutch employees would like to do it more often. 65% of employees feel that eating together is good for
team building. Yet one in five Dutch employees eat their sandwiches alone at their desk. How do you get employees together for lunch more often? We have some tips for you.

Eurest Services - Stops & Turnarounds: How to shut down a megafactory as efficiently as possible

WhitepaperHuge factories and installations. Which normally operate 24 hours a day. At certain moments they too must be shut down, cleaned and serviced. As fast as possible. Because this is key: time is money. During these extensive processes, Eurest ensures that employees can perform optimally. How? By feeding them well.

Tips & Tricks: How do you really purchase sustainably?

WhitepaperLooking for a new caterer? And is sustainability important to you? Don’t forget to find the right balance between a sustainable, healthy and desirable diet. This is the only way to encourage your employees to make a sustainable choice.

This is how Know Your Food promotes change in lunch habits

WhitepaperHealthy employees perform better. As a caterer, we can't make your guests healthy, but we can inform them and encourage them to eat more healthily. We do this with our Know Your Food programme. Inform, entice and stimulate are the key words. But how does it work? And what are the results? Seven questions and answers.

This is how you get your employees to choose a healthy lunch

WhitepaperA healthy lunch makes for healthy employees and results in less absenteeism. Yet a Eurest survey shows that half of our country's employers don't encourage healthy eating on the work floor, despite the fact that over a third of their employees want to eat healthily. How do you make your lunch culture healthy? In this white paper we show you 4 ways.

This is how you tempt people into the company restaurant

WhitepaperThe more guests you have in your restaurant, the better. If you work with Eurest, you know that we do our utmost to make your company restaurant as appealing as possible to your employees. Not just for lunch, but at other times too. If you haven/ t worked with us yet, perhaps you could do with some tips. In this whitepaper, we present five ways to tempt your employees into the company restaurant.

Diet and dementia closely related

WhitepaperThe World Health Organisation talks about an Alzheimer epidemic and says that dementia must have top priority in health care. And rightly so, because in 2050, globally there will be 115 million people who are confronted with dementia. Even now, this disease costs society over 600 billion dollars. What role does diet play in preventing dementia? And how does a good diet help improve the quality of live of dementia sufferers?

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